Idaho State University Shiai 2014

Idaho State University Judo Club 
47th Anniversary Taikai & Idaho State Judo Championships*  
USA Judo Sanction# 2014-149-11
Saturday, November 15, 2014 
Idaho State University Reed Gymnasium  
1291 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way, Pocatello, Idaho 83209

*The 47th Anniversary Taikai is designated as the Group B qualifier (State Championships) for the 2015 Senior National Championships and the 2015 Jr. Olympics.

·5 years of age or older on the date of the tournament
·Current registration and insurance with either USJI, USJF, USJA
·All competitors must show proof of registration and insurance (NO EXCEPTIONS)
· USJI and USJF membership will be available at the tournament site.

 Entry Fees

·$25.00 for one weight category in one skill division
·$10.00 for an additional skill division (senior categories).
·Competitors may only enter one weight category per skill division, maximum 2 categories.


·By mail postmarked no later than October 29, 2014. See Registration Chair for address.*
·There will be a Pre-Registration table open from 6pm-8pm in the Dojo. (Reed Gym 236)
·Online registration under development. Check back for updates.

 Multiple Entries

·You must complete an entry form for each entry made.


Registration/Weigh In
·Junior:  8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
·Senior:  9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

·Juniors: 10:00 a.m.
·Senior: At the conclusion of the juniors competition

Method of Elimination
·Modified Double Elimination: Five or more competitors (1st place is winner of finals, 2nd place is loser of finals, and 3rd place is winner of consolation bracket).
·Round Robin: 4 or less competitors, points awarded as below.
·Tie-Breakers: 1st tie-breaker: Win/Loss record, 2nd tie-breaker will be decided by head to head competition, 3rd tie-breaker will be points as follows: according to waza ippon = 10, wazari = 7, yuko = 3, hantei = 1, 4th  tie-breaker will be replay match with Golden Score format.
 Match Times
·Junior:  2 minutes
·Senior Novice: 3 minutes
·Senior sankyu/yudansha: 5 minutes
·Masters 3 minutes

Rules of Competition
·         All current IJF rules will apply with the following exceptions:
·         No shime waza or drop knee seoinage/seoiotoshi for competitors under 13 years of age.
·         No kansetsu waza for competitors under 17 years of age and/or under sankyu
·         Competitors who enter a higher skill division compete under the rules of the higher skill division.  Includes Juniors in Senior Divisions.
·         IJF bowing procedures will be enforced. Refusal to comply will result in disqualification from the match and ejection from the weight/skill division in which the infraction occurred.
·         Current IJF medical rules apply.
·         Footwear is required at all times when not on the tatami.
·         Match Times are modified (see Match Times section)
·         Referee uniform - black slacks, black socks and white polo shirt.

·         NOTICE: IJF Coaching standards with modifications will be implemented at this tournament. Only ONE coach per competitor in the designated coach’s chair. All others must be in the spectators’ area.
Minimum Dress Code: Collared shirt and long pants, or team sweats . Closed shoes. No shorts or cutoff jeans, t-shirts or sandals.

IJF Coaching Standards may be found here:

White Judo gi REQUIRED. Blue Judo gi is optional and allowed only if the competitor is the second one called in the match (2nd competitor must wear a white gi). Gi control with soukuteki will be enforced in the championship divisions.

·         Medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. Medals only awarded in contested divisions.
·         Judo gi or team warm ups are required for participation in the formal award presentation.

All waivers, including the Warning, Waiver and Release of Liability, and Black Belt Waiver (for ALL non-black belts in senior divisions) must be properly completed and signed and must accompany the entry form to this tournament in consideration of acceptance to participate in this tournament.  Only parents or legal guardians are authorized to sign for minors, NOT COACHES. **All multiple entries must have a multiple entry form and waiver.**

Weight Categories and Skill Divisions
8 yr. & under
To be determined by entries received.
9-10 yr.
11-12 yr.
13-14 yr.
15-16 yr.

To be determined by entries received.
-66kg (145lbs), -73kg (161 lb.), -81kg (178lbs),
-90kg (198 lb.), -100kg (220lbs), +100kg
To be determined by entries received.
-52kg (114lbs), -57kg (125lbs), -63kg (138lbs),
-70kg (154lbs), -78kg (171lbs), +78kg


Masters Divisions 35 years & older  – To be determined by entries received


Divisions with less than 4 competitors may be combined.

*  Sankyu/Yudansha weight categories will be measured in kilograms at weigh-in.
*Qualifier for 2015 Senior National Championships
++ Qualifier for 2015 Junior Olympics

The tournament director(s) reserves the right to modify weight category, age, and skill divisions for juniors and seniors.  All decisions of the tournament director(s) are final.  Tournament director(s) will discuss any changes with entrants, coaches, and parents as appropriate.

**All multiple entries must have an accompanying multiple entry form.**


·Take I-15 Exit 69 (Clark Street Exit) and head west.  Turn left onto 15th street at the stoplight.  Reed Gymnasium is at the T-intersection of 15th and Terry Street.
Internet Access to Forms
·Flyer and forms will be available at
·E-mail for forms, information, and questions.
Tournament Director(s)
·         Aref Hashem
Registration Chair
·         Nicole Sheeley (208)234-4456                                            Email

·         Mail Entries/Waivers/Fees to: ISU Judo Club, Registraition Chair
                                               C/O: Nicole Sheeley
                                                      616 E. Halliday Street
                                                      Pocatello, ID  83201


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