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Historical Post- Jan 30, 2011

 Hello all!! It has been over a year since we have last updated the Collier Family blog. Far too long indeed. Well to sum it all up, we have been busy beavers! Here is the update: I left working as a salesmen for Wonder bread going on two years ago now. Save a few months. Since then Christie and I have gone back to college. We are students at Idaho State University going on our third semester back. College life with a family is tough, not only do I attend school most of the day, but I work nights at the University as well. Consequently I'm not around as much as I would like. As a full time custodian I get state benefits as well as the employee discount. Samuel is eight now, doing well. Still in scouts, loves video games. I'm trying to talk him into coming to Martial Arts training with me.  Zoe is five, loves cheer leading and princesses, and Jacie, now two, seems to love what ever big brother and sister are doing. She does enjoy dance and cheer like her big sister.

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