Tokyo 2020(1) Olympics

       Every four years I find myself a little excited about the upcoming Olympic Games. I grew up watching the Olympics every summer and winter games on TV like so many of you. As I grew, I learned of new sports and began looking forward to watching them as they were available on my local television network.

       When I reached my teenage years, I finally learned just how many sports were actually in the Olympics. (Which currently is forty seven If I recall correctly). now with a few new additions! Karate, Skateboarding, Baseball/Softball, Surfing and Sport Climbing. Had I known there were so many amazing sports available to watch I would have spent more time watching, maybe even trying to compete! For that, I blame NBC and who ever else only played Volleyball and Figure skating on mainstream TV.

      In spite of that, I still love the Olympics, and what it stands for. The idea that we can all come together in competition peacefully. For the betterment of the world. World peace is such a worthy goal, we are all from the same planet. Sometimes I wonder if other civilizations are watching us from above shaking what ever parts are their head at us for just not getting it.

      I digress, I still look forward to the Olympics. Now I have several sports I love to watch. But having a better understanding of what the games mean to so many around the world, I feel strongly about the competition itself. Watching my favorite athletes throughout the games, hoping for their success. Even across nations!

      So for the record this year I'll be watching; Judo, Karate, Basketball, Wrestling, Skateboarding, Volleyball, Shooting, Swimming, Fencing, Diving, Football and Boxing. And of course whatever else the kids want to watch. What will you be watching this year? I hope this Olympics inspires us all to do a little better. To be a little kinder, for all our sake. 

Peace and love! 



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