Reconnecting with Family and Friends

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    Growing up I was always traveling every few years. My father was in the U.S. Air Force and so each tour of duty kept us moving from place to place. Consequently I never grew close to my extended family or kept in contact with friends I made as I was growing up. It wasn't until we moved to San Antonio Texas that I really felt like I was home. After traveling the globe, I had found friends and a feeling of belonging.

    I still consider San Antonio home today, but sadly, I haven't maintained the connections I once had with those of my best friends. I realize now, having been an adult a few years now, that most people don't have my experience. I have found that many people today still are living in the place where they grew up. Often never straying too far from where they are from. This phenomenon was so different from the life I experienced as a youth that It was hard to understand at first. People keep those old connections by not going anywhere. You keep those old friends because you all still live in the same town. See each other a few times a month because the trip to the store is where you run into them and say its time to get together again.

   I haven't run into or seen anyone from when I lived in San Antonio in over twenty years. I maintained the traveling lifestyle even after I was married. My wife and I have moved at least six times and have lived in two different states. Ranging from farm life to living in the city, I've had the chance to experience much more than most people today even dream of. Even more, after I tell people where I am from they look at me like I have two heads! (I'm a transplant from England, although my family is Scottish and Welsh).

    So each year, someone from my past, whether it be family or friend, finds me online. And we reconnect and then nothing. Life gets in the way, we forget. Poof! I have never been one to keep up with my correspondence, however its time to change that. I think it is important to maintain meaningful relationships in our lifetimes. That doesn't mean they have to be romantic, but as the human creature is a social creature, it is nice, even healthy to have friends. Surrounding yourself with people you care about and that care about you, regardless of what their interests are. It is nice to have like-minded people near, but that shouldn't be the defining criteria for a friendship. To be clear, just because you know someone, that doesn't make them a friend. And those who may abuse that friendship, emotionally, physically, energy vampires, they aren't friends either.

    One of my goals moving forward is to make sure I take the time to reach out to those family members I haven't made the time over the years to get to know. And to those friends who had an impact on my life. It makes me sad to think that I let such friendships fade to the state they are in now. I understand that it works both ways, and as we grow older we change, who knows, maybe I was the bad influence on someone growing up. Either way, we should try, I will do what I can to do better at keeping those friendships healthy and not so distant.

    If you are celebrating this Holiday season, even if you are not! Now is a great excuse to check up on old friends and acquaintances. Reach out, now is as good a time as any. Take care of your families. Do that to the best of your ability, but look out for your friends too.

Peace, love, and safe travels!



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