Level 39, Achievement Unlocked.

   The world has changed every day since the day each of us were born. But strangely I feel no different. That isn't to say that as I age I feel no differences. Of course as time has passed I have found myself, looking and feeling different about all sorts of things. I remember as a younger man, healing faster when I sprained an ankle. Or my body just not aching when I get out of bed in the morning. It is funny to me to see how over time things change, even right under our noses. But in my mind, right now, I feel the same as I did yesterday, and maybe even the same as last month.

    There is a saying, "A frog in a pond has no idea of the sea." As we learn and grow old, life from our perspective continues to change as we ourselves find in new situations from day to day. Thinking similarly, for some of us, life doesn't seem to change at all. The group, Nine Inch Nails wrote, "I believe I can see the future, because I repeat the same routine." We look to putting in our time, at home or work and sometimes we can get caught in the daily grind. Forgetting to take a moment to see the world around us. For years while my children were still younger, I can remember thinking that it was a difficult thing, a difficult time. And for me, many of us, it is. Looking back its funny how the things we used to think were difficult prove to be easier after learning through those experiences.

    So this year I turned 39, I heal slower, my speed is down, however my strength is up. I'm several pounds heavier than when I was first married. But I have a much different perspective now than when my wife and I first met. I'm happy to see the growth on my part. Much of it was hard earned. So to all of you out there who have had a recent level up, I say congratulations. Keep up the hard work.

Peace, love and safe travels,



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